EOS-3DXが5D Mark3より上位のボディとして登場するという噂


(復元した記事ですので、2013年8月頃の情報になりますm(_ _)m)

Canon Rumorsさんに EOS-3D の噂が出てますね。

EOS-5D Mark3より上位のボディになると言うことで、1DXと5D3の間に来るボディということになりますが……価格も中間程度になるのでしょうか?

Please remember, the “EOS-3D” name has been rumoured about since about 2005. With every major photo show, we get lots of mentions of its existence. What I do think is different now, is the “3D” name makes a bit more sense. I think this because the “5D” name is no longer the automatic “big megapixel” camera in the Canon lineup. There is room and separation between a 22mp 5D and a 40mp 3D. My other issue with the “3D” name, is the camera wouldn’t be 3D. However, add the “X” at the end and that should help alleviate any confusion with consumers (believe me, there would be).


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