EOS-7D Mark2 新型センサー&デュアルピクセルAFが大幅進化する!


Canon Watchさんがキヤノン EOS-7D Mark2 について書いています。

EOS-7D Mark2 – カメラ界隈は新型センサーの噂で持ちきり!


Whatever Canon is going to announce on September 5th (the most likely announcement date) it will be something groundbreaking. Most rumor sites, CW included, think there will be an entirely new sensor technology that is coming. Recent patents filed by Canon point to Foveon-like sensors (3 patents in a row), one patent refers to a 5-layer sensor.

Details about the sensor technology Canon is supposed to announce are by now in the realm of pure speculation, no serious specs have leaked so far. However, I have been told (thanks) that the EOS 7D replacement will not just feature Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS Auto-Focus, it will push its capabilities to new boundaries. We had a patent that points in this direction, i.e. to the next evolutive step of the Dual Pixel AF technology. It is also pretty plausible that Dual Pixel AF will show all its power with a new generation of CPUs. This fits with the rumors stating that the EOS 7D replacement will feature very advanced functionalities for videography, since Dual Pixel AF delivers a lot for videographers.

This rumor sounds very credible to me. Dual Pixel AF is a major milestone in Canon’s technological sensor evolution. And Dual Pixel AF is for sure not relegated to the more affordable Canon DSLRs (as the EOS 70D, where it was first implemented): Canon didn’t waste time in offering it also on the professional-graded EOS C100 and C300 (where it was already implemented on the sensor but had to be unlocked via firmware). Dual Pixel AF is a technology we will see in many future Canon cameras, and hopefully eventually also on a serious mirrorless camera.

Note that I prefer to use the definition “EOS 7D replacement” instead of “EOS 7D Mark II”. For the time being there are no hints it will be the next iteration of the 7D, pertinent rumors surfaced in the past.







いつもの如く『次世代センサー』『AFがゴイスー』『動画がパネェ』の3つに集約される内容で、「Canon Watchとか他の噂サイトでも同じように言ってるよ!」って言ってるのが笑えますね(笑)




まあ、スチル性能ガー、連写ガーって喚いてる人は、これからもずっとわめき続けるんでしょうね。7D Mark3になっても同じ事言ってるんでしょうね(笑)

Canon Watch – Canon EOS 7D Replacement Will Push Dual Pixel AF To New Levels