X100T 名機X100系・三人目(Third)の刺客!


Fuji Rumorsさんに、富士フィルム X100 の後継機について噂が出ています。

これまでは X200 になるのではないかと言われていましたが、正式名称はどうやら X100T になりそうです。


X100T – 前作 X100S はマイナーアップデートの感があったが……?


If you remember, last week I told you here that a new source (who contacted me via rumor box and included a nickname) shared 2 rumors with us.

The first rumor was about the faster AF in the second generation 35mm. I couldn’t share the second rumor, because the source said: “Please confirm it with your other sources first as marketing department might change the plans“.

Well, I did my homework and had a talk with our top trusted Japanese source. And it confirms: Fuji has plans to call the X100S successor X100T.

So it seems that, unless the marketing department changes plans again, we can now be pretty sure that X100T will be the final name.

Let’s have a look at the updated rumored specs list:

  • X100T (TS + NeS)
  • 24MP X-Trans sensor (NeS)
  • faster AF than X100S (NeS)
  • tilt screen (NeS)
  • new fixed lens (NeS)
  • new EVF, better than X100S, but not as much as X-T1 (NeS)
  • wider phase detection area (NeS)


「富士フィルムが X100S の後継機として X100T を計画しているらしいよ! たぶん、最終的な名称も X100T のままになるよ! スペックは以下のとおりだよ! ただし、 X100T という名称以外については新しい筋からの情報だから確度は不明だよ!」

  • 2400万画素 X-Transセンサー
  • チルトモニタ
  • 新しいレンズ
  • X100Sより高性能でX-T1未満のEVF
  • 鏡像位相差AFが広くなった



Fuji Rumors – The successor of the X100S? The X100T!